Rockland Psychiatric Center -Abandoned Bowling Alley. 

DSC_0018It was an early morning in Spring when my girlfriend, our mutual friends, and I decided to go for a walk and see if we could find a forgotten bowling alley.  We walked the campus of a long abandoned hospital; and after a few struggles and maneuvers we finally found the place tucked away in a corner of the entertainment building.  We wriggled our way in.. and crossed over from the present into the past.   We quickly scanned the room and were in total awe! It’s as though time was frozen there – mid-game.   Bowling shoes sat upon shelves waiting to be worn, while empty scorecards spread out across the table awaiting a new score. The cold spots we felt as we walked the room were a stark reminder that we may not have been there alone.

From outside, we could hear the patchy sound of conversation going on between our friends and security.  Darn-it! Security had spotted us and they were not very happy to find that my girlfriend and I had infiltrated the building.  Our friends called for us to come outside.  We used the rush of adrenaline to hurriedly scout the place and shoot photos of every possible detail.

We started with the bowling shoes standing at attention near the entrance – waiting for a customer who will never come.  DSC_0506

Then we made our way to the bowling lanes, where the pins seem to march forward commanding you to pick them up for a new game.DSC_0507

Next we found these bowling bowls, long awaiting their next chance to slide down the lane and make contact with the pins.  DSC_0514

Blank scorecards sit a top the table top waiting for someone to score… DSC_0508

and the prize sits unclaimed by any winner… DSC_0521

Chairs sit empty, waiting for friends to join the game…DSC_0524

Just as we were beginning to feel immersed in the games of the past, our friends called for us again and pulled us back into the realm of the present.  Oh yes – security was waiting for us outside.  Darn-it!

Places like this beg a question: Why are we so captivated by these abandoned places? Why do we risk getting caught just to have the chance to take a few photos and walk around these halls of history?  Well, its the history of course.  The chance to see how it once was and will never be again.  The chance to capture that small piece of history that will soon be lost forever.

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This story was written with contributions from my girlfriend, Ripearts. 

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