Williams Grove Amusement Park

WG Amusement Park is an abandoned amusement park , was established in 1850. The grove would within a few years grow into a park.  After World War I, the park’s ownership changed hands several times. Morgan Hughes purchased the park in 1972 for $1.2 million. Many of the rides were relocated to Williams Grove from the defunct New Jersey’s Palisades Amusement Park, which closed in 1972.

Here are some pictures of abandoned W.G . Amusement park: img_4565



The Cyclone was a wooden roller coaster and the main attraction of the park. The Cyclone used to rise at a height of 65 Feet and travels at the top speed of 45 mph. Unfortunately the Cyclone closed after the 2005 season, leaving it standing but not operational as of 2017, abandoned and in disrepair with the train parked at the loading station.

Cyclone, back in its glorious time.(Photo credit facebook.com/wgamusement park)
Photo credit coasterimage.com
Cyclone, at it’s present day.



Surely a fun ride on Halloween Day


The park had two smaller coasters, Kiddie Coaster, 1992 until closing, and the Little Dipper, 1950 until 1963.

Fun House back in it’s glorious time(photo credit facebook.com/wgamusementpark


Not sure if it was used to be a church or a picnic spot back in it’s glorious time.(photo credit facebook.com/wgamusementpark)
Present day








photo credit facebook.com/wgamusementpark
photo credit facebook.com/wgamusementpark

The park operated from 1850 until 2005. It is standing but not operating. The owners still live there and are trying to preserve the park and the historic buildings on the property but face frequent vandalism. WG Amusement Park Opened to the public on Halloween night on October 31, 2016.

That’s all folks, now that you know about the brief history of this hidden abandoned gem, will you go for a fun ride there or may be for a  Halloween Party?

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