The Skeleton Factory

An abandoned warehouse filled with wonderful skeleton and animals arts, which also used to be a printing office was founded around early 19th century, located in Belgium. The owner later moved his business to this warehouse/pavilion location and the place was developed into a factory later on. The owner was a photographer and used to print mostly postcards for holidays and other occasions along with replicas of his own pictures. His son, who used to work as a printer, eventually took over the business and turned into an industrial printing company. After the WWII , the business was owned by several multinational companies and around 2004 the last company went out of business; Since then the factory is abandoned. Graffiti is an awesome art, when it’s done properly. Famous graffiti artists like Klass Van Der Linden and Roa created some of their fascinating artworks in this warehouse, who are very well known worldwide. My girlfriend /urbexpartner Heather and I had a great opportunity to explore this place during the summer of 2018.  Below are some pictures from The Skeleton Factory, hope you folks enjoy.

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