Manicomio Di Racconigi

Abandoned Lunatic Asylum was built in 1871 and closed down in the early 1980s, since then it’s been abandoned. It had pavilions for “quiet” men and women, containment cells, an agricultural colony to be used for ergotherapy, a laboratory for clinical research, a pathological anatomy room, a radiology room, electrotherapy room and a lobotomy room.

It was one of our top favorite abandoned asylum to explore , among few others on earth. Once we were in , we were bedazzled by beautiful old architectures , big windows , hallways , peeling walls , old operating instruments, chapel , stairways ; It’s like a time capsule .

Was also kinda sad while wandering inside the hospital and feeling the vibe of pain and sadness and hearing echoing voices of the past residents thru the hallways and tall windows; Who been admitted there, and make you wonder what happened to them and why they ended up in this place !

Below some pictures from our exploration of Manicomio Di Racconigi.

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