Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel

Grossingers family who moved from New York City to Ferndale in Sullivan county in Catskills around 1900s , used to rent rooms to visitors from New York City; Which they called Longbrook House.  Around 1919 they sold their place and bought a bigger house on 100 acres, named Grossinger’s Terrace Hills House. Which once served 150,000 guests per year. And also was known for the first time using artificial snow; that made the Resort earn high reputation in worldwide for skiing. Between 1970-80s, the Resort failed to attract younger guests. Then in 1984 it held the “Woodstock” weekend to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the festival; famous singers, bands and politicians were invited to promote Grossinger; But the Resort couldn’t see the lights of hope.

In 1986 Grosingers sold the place to Servico, who failed to revive the place due to financial hardship. Since then main hotel and main resort are closed.

Here are some photos from abandoned Grossinger, once stood high and welcomed thousands of guests and was proud for its artificial snow.

chilling by the pool.
Once upon a time. (courtesy of



apparently Lady is not happy…
IMG_2690 2
Bando beauty salon
busy day at the salon
sauna time
lets chill outside before the party?
Where’s the party?
how about a drink to relax and sit, while watching people dancing.
wild party in The Bat cave
oh .. Happy Birthday!
lets pick a tune…… And shall we dance?
Grossinger Resort once was the inspiration for the movie “Dirty Dancing”( Courtesy of
what a night!
time to rise and shine by the pool after a long night party
how about a fun ride this morning?
The Restaurant seems open..
lets try some great cooking


Please have a sit, I’ll be with you guys shortly!
finally home after a great day at Grossinger!
Relaxing by the window and listening to the song ” Rain, rain go away , come again another day”.

Several other companies failed to revive the old glory of Grossinger’s Resorts, yet drastically failed.  As of September 2013, it is owned by Louis Cappelli, who is hoping for casinos to come to the area.

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